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Concrete Flat Sawing

As professional concrete cutting contractors, we understand the challenges of modifying existing concrete structures. Concrete flat sawing, also known as slab sawing, requires precision, skill, and the proper equipment to achieve accurate cuts. Through years of experience, we have mastered the techniques to saw cut concrete floors, walls, and slabs for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art concrete saws and blades to create clean cuts for remodeling projects, new construction, or demolition work. We follow a meticulous process to measure, mark, and cut concrete to specification. Safety is also a top priority – we take precautions to contain dust and debris and ensure a secure work area. For concrete flat sawing services, we are committed to providing high quality results, competitive pricing, and a smooth customer experience from start to finish.

Reliable, professional, and affordable – that is what you can expect when you hire us for your concrete cutting needs. We look forward to serving you for your next concrete flat sawing project.

How Concrete Flat Sawing Works

At Siler’s Concrete Cutting, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to perform concrete flat sawing, also known as slab sawing, for residential and commercial customers. Concrete flat sawing involves cutting into concrete floors and foundations to create openings for doors, windows, and passages.

  • Our team has over 20 years of experience in concrete cutting and operates diesel, electric, and hydraulic saws to ensure optimal results for each project.
  • Electric and hydraulic saws are specifically designed for use in areas with limited ventilation, providing a safe and reliable alternative to diesel saws where exhaust emissions are a concern.

Concrete flat sawing is a multi-step process that begins with evaluating the concrete slab to determine the appropriate cutting equipment and blade. We then set up dust control measures, mark cut lines, and make relief cuts before performing the main cut. Finally, we break away and remove the concrete, clean the area, and inspect the cut for quality.

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Proper concrete flat sawing requires precision, skill, and the right tools for the job. At Siler’s Concrete Cutting, we take pride in providing superior concrete cutting services, including:

  • Roadway and highway cutting
  • Warehouse and factory floor cutting
  • Driveway and sidewalk cutting
  • Foundation wall cutting

With our experience, equipment, and dedication to customer service, Siler’s Concrete Cutting is the premier choice for concrete flat sawing in Seattle and Tacoma. We work efficiently to minimize downtime and deliver precise cuts for doorways, passages, and other openings in concrete slabs. Our team is ready to assist with any residential or commercial concrete cutting needs.

Benefits of Concrete Flat Sawing

As a professional concrete cutting company, we understand the many benefits of concrete flat sawing. Our services provide the following advantages:

Precise and Customized Cuts. Our expert operators utilize state-of-the-art equipment to make accurate cuts of any size or shape. We can create openings tailored to your exact specifications.

Minimal Disruption. Unlike jackhammering or other demolition methods, concrete flat sawing produces very little vibration, dust, and noise. This results in minimal disruption to surrounding areas.

Cost-Effective Solution. Concrete flat sawing is often more affordable than alternative techniques. It also reduces the risk of damage to existing structures, lowering potential repair costs.

Increased Safety. Our electric and hydraulic saws eliminate exhaust emissions, making them suitable and safe for use in areas with limited ventilation. Proper protective equipment and training also ensure maximum safety for operators and bystanders.

Versatility. We offer concrete flat sawing services for various applications, including roadways, driveways, warehouse slabs, and building foundations. Our equipment and expertise allow us to handle both small and large-scale projects.

As a full-service concrete cutting company, Siler’s Concrete Cutting provides concrete flat sawing solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects throughout the Seattle-Tacoma region. Our cutting-edge equipment, highly trained operators, and commitment to safety and quality ensure an optimal cutting experience for every client.

Types of Cuts Made With Concrete Flat Saws

As professional concrete cutting contractors, we utilize concrete flat saws to make several types of cuts in concrete floors and walls.

Straight Cuts

The most common cut is a straight cut, used to cut expansion joints, create separations in concrete floors, or open up walls. We carefully measure and mark the cut line, then slowly and precisely guide the concrete flat saw over the line to achieve an accurate, straight cut.

Curved Cuts

For curved cuts, we use concrete flat saws equipped with diamond blades of varying diameters to cut smooth arcs and circles in concrete. Curved cuts require a steady hand, and the ability to pivot and guide the concrete flat saw smoothly. We have years of experience making curved cuts for pipes, drains, and other applications.

Angle Cuts

Angle cuts, or bevel cuts, or chamfer cuts, are made at an angle through the concrete for specific purposes like joint connections or surface edges. We tilt the concrete flat saw to the desired angle and make multiple passes to achieve a clean angle cut. Angle cuts require precision and care to ensure an even, consistent angle is cut.

Slab Cuts

For large concrete cutting jobs, we use walk-behind concrete flat saws and slab saws to cut through entire concrete floors, foundations, and slabs. Slab cutting, also known as flat sawing, requires significant power and durable diamond blades to cut through dense concrete. We have the proper equipment, experience, and certifications to safely and efficiently cut concrete slabs for demolition, expansion, or other construction projects.

We utilize a variety of concrete flat saws and diamond blades to expertly cut straight lines, curves, angles, and slabs in concrete floors and walls. Our team has years of experience and the necessary certifications to safely operate concrete cutting equipment for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

What to Expect During the Concrete Flat Sawing Process


Before beginning the concrete flat sawing process, our team will evaluate the site to determine the optimal cutting equipment and blade for your project. We will outline the cutting area and make necessary preparations to control dust and ensure safety.


Once preparations are complete, we set up barricades and clearly mark the cutting area. We then bring in our cutting equipment, including electric, hydraulic, or diesel saws and industrial grade diamond blades. The specific equipment used depends on the thickness and reinforcement of your concrete and project specifications.


Our expert operators will carefully cut along the outlined area using our concrete cutting saws. Multiple passes are often required to achieve maximum cutting depth. We take measures to minimize noise, dust, and vibration during the cutting process. The concrete slabs or sections are then safely removed.


After cutting is complete, we thoroughly clean the area and haul away concrete debris. We then patch or repair the cut surface as needed to restore the integrity and appearance. The site is left clean and ready for the next phase of your project.


Safety is our top priority. Our team wears proper protective equipment at all times and follows strict safety procedures during concrete cutting and removal. We take precautions to ensure the stability of the cut concrete and surrounding structures. Traffic control and pedestrian barriers are implemented as necessary.

Siler’s Concrete Cutting has the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle residential and commercial concrete flat sawing projects of any size. We work efficiently while maintaining the highest safety standards to deliver precise cuts and professional results. Our services provide an ideal solution when concrete needs to be cut or removed for renovations, installations, or new construction.

FAQs: Concrete Flat Sawing

What is concrete flat sawing?

Concrete flat sawing, also known as slab sawing, involves cutting into concrete floors and foundations to create openings for doors, windows, and passages. At Siler’s Concrete Cutting, we provide precise and efficient concrete cutting solutions for residential and commercial projects.

What equipment do you use?

1. Diesel saws: For heavy-duty cutting of thick concrete. Diesel saws can cut through concrete up to 36 inches deep.
2. Electric saws: Specifically designed for use in areas with limited ventilation. Electric saws produce zero emissions and are a safe alternative where diesel exhaust could be a concern.
3. Hydraulic saws: Also suitable for use indoors and in confined areas. Hydraulic saws provide powerful cutting action for concrete up to 24 inches thick.

What types of projects do you service?

Our concrete cutting services are suitable for the following:
* Roadways and highways
* Driveways and parking lots
* Warehouse and industrial floors
* Foundation openings
* Any project requiring cutting into existing concrete slabs


Concrete flat sawing is a specialized service that requires highly trained technicians and proper equipment to perform accurately and safely. As a professional concrete cutting company with decades of experience, we have the skills and tools needed to handle residential and commercial projects of any size. Our team can saw concrete floors, walls, stairs, and more to your exact specifications. With competitive rates, fast response times, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to make the concrete sawing process as efficient and hassle-free as possible for clients. For high-quality concrete cutting services, contact us today to schedule an estimate. We look forward to working with you on your next project.